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8 Social Networking Twitter Tips

When it comes to networking on Twitter, what turns you off?

Besides the obvious spam, for me it’s the constant self-promotion. The second turn off is a person can offer the best tips, the best resources and the best information, but it’s all useless to me if they don’t engage with me.

Twitter is a popular social networking site that can be so powerful and so beneficial when it’s done the right way.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Use your real name, real photo of you, fill out your bio and add a website link if you have one.

2. It’s polite to acknowledge your followers. Send a brief direct message. No spam links.

3. It’s not a number’s game; follow people who interest you.

4. Share your knowledge, thoughts, opinions. Ask questions to open doors for responsive communication. Reply to questions you can answer. You never know where these conversations can lead.

5. Pay it forward. Help others grow their business as they will also help you. Read tweets and then retweet what inspires you, what you think your followers would appreciate reading and learning.

6. Self-promote, but not-in-your-face-shoved-down-your-throat tactic. Offer other things in between the self-promotion. You can also repeat your own tweets, but wait at least an hour between your repeats.

7. Space out your tweets. You don’t want a whole wall of your tweets on someone else’s page.

8. Be genuine, be yourself, and be consistent. Hardly anything done now and then is effective.

Use these Twitter tips to become a better networker and grow your business every day.

So You Screwed Up: Now Take Advantage Of It To Build Your Internet Business

There’s probably not a single successful internet marketer or online business owner who didn’t screw up somewhere along the line with one or more of their online marketing initiatives.

But what marks out a successful internet marketer from a loser is how you respond to failure.

How do you respond when you find that the advertising campaign you just invested a few hundred dollars in produces no results?

What do you do when the 150 affiliates who you added to your team do nothing?

What do you do when the program you have been promoted suddenly morphs into something else, or simply goes belly up?

Here is a 5-step response strategy to help you respond to failure and handle the stuff that goes wrong with your Internet marketing business…

1. Face up to your own mistakes honestly, but don’t brand yourself a “failure”. You may not even be the problem. A failure is someone who and gives up after making just one or two mistakes. Don’t allow yourself to join their ranks.

2. Regard any of your screw-ups as wonderful opportunities to learn something new! Cheerfully admit your mistakes and invest your emotional energy in learning from the process and benefiting from it.

3. Study what went wrong. How did the screw-up occur? Was it carelessness, lack of research, or was it due to circumstances out of your control?

4. Seek a solution, or shelve the project and go back to the drawing board. Ask yourself what you can do to prevent it happening again

5. Squeeze out further benefit from the screw-up by teaching others how to avoid it. Since you have direct experience you will be able to speak with authority and this will enhance your impact as an Internet marketing coach.

You can also write an e-book of make a video course in which you teach others how to avoid all the dreadful mistakes you have made in your progress towards online marketing success.

Viewed properly, the mistakes you make as an internet marketer offer you excellent occasions for making a great leap forward with your Internet business. Do not miss the boat by branding yourself as a failure. Instead, learn to use the techniques that Olympic athletes use to turn the power of belief into a motivator for generating success out of mistakes, failures and unpromising circumstances.

Is Your Home Based Business Going to Crumble Soon?

Everyone likes to think their business is solid as a rock, I know I do! However, sit back and think about yours for a minute. Is it REALLY as solid as you think it is or could it be gone in an instant?

It’s very difficult for us to realistically look at our own business models and determine if it’s solid or not. That’s why I am writing this post, I’m going to force you to take a good hard and long look at your home business model. Hopefully, after you do that, you will have a pretty good idea of whether or not your home based business is built on a solid foundation or if it’s on the verge of crumbling to the ground.

The best way to do this is with an example…

If you’ve been an internet marketer long enough then you surely remember the “Made for Adsense” (MFA) sites of the past. If you don’t know or remember then just imagine crappy looking sites with a bunch of low quality content on them around a particular topic with the sole intent of getting clicks to their Adsense ads. Internet marketers were making an absolute killing with them for a few years! Then, something tragic happened…

Google decided that all these sites were basically worthless and put an end to them. They got removed from the index and all of the income they were producing for marketers dried up overnight. And I won’t even mention how many people completely lost their Adsense accounts forever. A lot of online home business owners never recovered from that event. It was devastating to thousands of people.

Okay, let’s take a closer look at this business model to show why it wasn’t solid. What did it depend on? It was built on the Google Adsense program… A third party site. In this case, the internet marketer had no control over the program itself, in particular, the Terms of Service of that program. If Google changed the rules, which they did, it could have adversely affected the income of each online home business owner, and it did. In fact, these changes in policy may have been the biggest disaster in terms of adverse effects on home business owners in the history of making money online up to this point. Another similar home based business killer was when eBay banned the sale of digital products.

Do you see what the point is here? I know it’s impossible to predict the future, but you need to look at your home business model and see how much of it is within YOUR control and how much of it is being controlled by a 3rd party site like Google or eBay or Amazon. If more of it is being controlled by other sites, then you have a business model that could fall down around you at any minute.

Once you recognize this, you can then take steps to correct the problem. That might mean you need to come up with a whole new home based business model to ensure you have an indestructible business. Or at the very least it is always a good idea to diversify your business and not have all your money coming from one type of model. You should have multiple income streams.

If you don’t do this then all you can do is hope for the best. But in the ever-changing internet marketing world, I wouldn’t count on anything!

Some Internet Marketers Need A Course In Communication

Not all internet marketers are created equal. Not everyone has the gift of personal communication skills and dealing with people on a more personal level. I do realize that. Maybe that is why some of the major players on the internet are major players. They don’t take the time to deal with individuals.

I realize I am not going to be popular for some of my statements here, but I am not your average marketer, nor am I a probably considered a “major player” even though I am relatively well-known on the internet marketing world! I do have a point though. The point being that since the internet is such an anonymous venue in many ways, the players who lose the personal touch are doing everyone a disservice.

I will relate a recent personal experience here and I hope you will see my point. I am involved in a program that I thoroughly believe in and I am confident it could help someone work from home full time that is just starting out. I also understand the importance of multiple streams of income and I have been researching businesses that I could possibly add to my income streams.

I use forums and social media mostly to research business options because this is where some of the most successful marketers “hang out” and share ideas. They are invaluable. Recently, I found a business that I thought I wanted to learn more about and sent a private message to someone on a forum who seemed the most knowledgeable. She sent me a “canned” email about the program and that was it. I never heard back from her. I knew right then and there she was not the person I would choose to have as my sponsor and in my opinion lacked something. By the way, this woman is highly successful in a couple of popular businesses.

About a month later, I was on another forum and saw a thread on the same opportunity with another person who was leading that thread and quite successful as well. I sent her a private message and it was like night and day. Not only did she give me her phone number and email address, she also sent me all the information that she could and made sure I felt free to call her to speak about the program. She has the interpersonal skills of a good educator.

Who would you choose? I think it’s obvious which one I chose!

Do you see my point? The internet business opportunity world is so crowded, it’s like a traffic jam at times, and people need to know there is a real person on the other side of that private message. Is it a canned email from someone who could do without you or a personal message from someone who may really want you to be on their team? Having someone like me — with several popular blogs and good online reputation — on her team will certainly help her make more money as well, and all it took was a personal response.

Think about it. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

Are The Online Marketing Gurus Ripping Us Off?

There has been a lot of talk around the forums and social media lately about guru bashing and how they just rip us poor innocent dumb suckers off. Well, I thought it was about time that I put all of this nonsense in perspective. I’m not saying that there aren’t bad people in the world, because there are. But just because somebody is a guru doesn’t make them a bad person or a con artist. They obviously did something worthwhile to get to the level where other people are even using the word “guru” to talk about them!

I understand that there are all kinds of people out there, as far as intelligence level goes. Some people are really bright and can spot a snake oil salesman a mile away. And then there are those of us who will believe anything that we’re told. So it’s not fair to put all the blame on the consumer. The merchant has to take some responsibility. However, and I’m going to use college as an example, there has to come a point where even if we’re as dumb as pet rocks, we have to take some responsibility as well.

Why do I bring up college? Well, when I was 17 years old, I graduated high school and was all prepared to go to college. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do. The only thing left to do was pay my tuition — which was a hell of a lot more than a guru seminar — take my classes, graduate, and (hopefully) get a job afterwards.

I spent a whole year after college looking for work. I couldn’t get one person to hire me. Now, did I go back to my college and tell them that they ripped me off because I couldn’t get a job? Of course not. I wouldn’t have thought of it. Nobody would have. Truth is, when you went to college, no promises were made. You were going in the hopes that you’d have a better chance TO find a job once you got out. But ultimately, there were no guarantees.

And yet, when we buy a $97 ebook or a $997 seminar, we expect to come out of it with enough ammunition to make 6 figures within a month. I don’t know where this entitlement mentality comes from, but it’s certainly isn’t the guru’s fault. Do they put up sales pages that make us think that all we have to do is buy their product and we’ll be rich? Maybe, but no more so than the college recruiter who comes to your high school and tells you how 75% of their students start out at $30,000+ a year. What they don’t tell you is that the other 25% don’t get any jobs at all and most of the others are still living in huge debt without a wage high enough to keep up with their bills.

Before we start pointing fingers at the gurus, maybe it’s time we took a look at ourselves. Are we putting in the effort we should be putting in? Are we spending the money we need to on advertising? Do we have the skills necessary to write compelling ads? If not, are we willing to learn?

Until we can answer those questions honestly, we might want to hold off on blaming the gurus for our failures.