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Don’t Fall for Get Rich Quick Schemes and Products

There’s a lot of so-called internet marketing guru’s out there coming up with new “get rich quick” products on a daily basis. They like to call them “blueprints” or “secrets revealed” or whatever else sounds cool, and tout them as the next best thing for making money online.

That sounds great at first, but the problem is that most of them are flat out lying to you and getting rich by tricking you into thinking you can do the same if you buy their product while they sit back and collect your money. It isn’t as easy as they make it out to be on their fancy sales pages. Think about it, if it was that easy everyone would do it and everyone would be rich. The simple truth is that you can make money online but it’s not easy and it won’t happen fast. And you definitely won’t get anywhere if you keep buying into all these new schemes that pop up all the time.

These money making schemes come in all shapes and sizes but they are all basically doing the same thing… Giving you false hope so you will buy their product. For example, there are programs that claim you can earn $10,000 in a week or some other insane amount. The problem is that in order to do that you need to have a lot of internet marketing experience, friends in high places, an already successful online business, an established email list, the right business plan, time, money, and who knows what else. The average person buying into these programs doesn’t have what it takes right away. It takes a lot time and effort to build up to a good online income, and even then $10,000 a week is rarely attained by anyone.

Building an online business and making a living from home is a lot of work. Putting in several hours of productive work every day is necessary. But the pros do eventually outweigh the cons once you start getting a nice income coming in.

Anyway the point of this post is basically just to warn you to beware of make money schemes, especially the ones that cost a lot of money. If the information is really that great then why would someone let everyone else know about it by selling it for a relatively low amount when they could keep it to themselves and really become wealthy from it? If you think about it something just doesn’t add up.

When I started my online home based business I got sucked into several get rich quick schemes and ended up wasting thousands of dollars along with a lot of time I can never get back. This was all while I was in college so I didn’t have much money to be throwing around like that. It was hard to swallow at first but I learned my lesson, moved on, kept working hard, and eventually became a successful internet marketer.

There’s plenty of FREE information on blogs, social media, and forums that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online. No need to spend all your money on product after product because they will keep on coming and you will never get anywhere except deeper in debt.

Best Way for Teens to Make Money Online in Their Spare Time

The job market is tough these days for everyone and that’s especially true for teens that are still in high school or just starting college because they have little education or experience to help them get hired anywhere, and they can’t work full-time. So, the jobs they can get are typically very low paying. Most teens need a way to make money just like the rest of us. They might not have as many bills as most adults but they do have plenty of things they need to pay for, especially if their parents can’t afford to give them money, or simply won’t. So they often go online looking for things they can do to earn money from home.

They are actually several ways for teens to make money online but definitely one of the best is to make money blogging. This is ideal for many teenagers because they are typically very web savvy since they have been using the internet for pretty much their entire lives. And they have the time needed to build a successful blog through frequent updating, link building, and social networking. Plus, there are very few barriers to entry and it can be done for free or very cheap. There are numerous teen bloggers nowadays that are very successful and more getting started every day. It seems like every other time I hear about a newly successful blog these days I find out it’s a teen who owns it.

Several of the top make money online blogs, internet marketing blogs, and other types of home based business / work at home blogs right now are owned by teen bloggers. Not to mention all the teens that are making money blogging about countless other topics in a huge variety of niches that most internet marketers like me never hear about. Almost any topic an adult can start a blog about a teen could do the same, and do a better job at it a lot of the time because they tend to have more free time to focus on it and are often a lot more tech savvy.

It’s really just a matter of finding a good niche (topic) to blog about and then building the blog, which is something just about any teen could learn how to do in less than a day. Then, use the available internet marketing strategies such as link building, video marketing, and social networking to get traffic and make money from the blog. And be sure to update (blog) on a regular basis to keep the content fresh. Most teens have plenty of time to do all of this and more on a daily basis, and that is why so many teen bloggers are finding a lot of success these days.

So, if you are a teen looking for ways to make money online or a parent trying to find ways for your teens to earn some extra money, you should certainly consider the potential to make money blogging. Just remember you can’t make money from home if you don’t take action so get started right away on becoming a work at home teen!

What is the Secret to Making Money Online? Let’s Find Out…

So… what is that online money making secret? By now, you probably already know it. While knowing how to make money at home is no longer a “secret”, it is the implementation of the “secret” that tends to slow people down, or stop them dead in their tracks entirely. It’s all in your implementation. If you already know how making money online works and yet you’re still not earning any money, the problem lies somewhere in your implementation (or lack of perhaps).

For those of you who aren’t up on what this make money online secret is, I’ll say it one more time: Find profitable (and obtainable) niches, build blogs around those niches, create high quality content based on the keywords in the niches, get backlinks and social signals to build your rankings and traffic, and monetize the blogs with Adsense and/or affiliate links. It’s so boring and repetitive, but it works.

The problem most people face with following those guidelines is that they keep trying to get fancy and go way off track from the original make money online plan, which is… If you don’t know, read the previous paragraph again.

Sticking with that same boring agenda day in, day out is the closest thing to sure way to making a living online. It couldn’t possibly get any simpler, and yet many people are making it complicated. Stay with your plan and it won’t fail you. Sure, there will be some failures along the way due to a bad niche selection, choosing the wrong keywords, a ranking drop, algorithm update, or whatever else, but the overall strategy will be a success if you continue to work it. It may not be as fast as you would like, but that’s life. There is no such thing as “easy money” or “fast cash” in the world of legitimate internet marketing — unless you are only looking for a small amount.

Another problem a lot of people have is that they get discouraged too easily. You are not going to rank for the phrase “make money online” in 1 week – or in 1 month, and probably not even in 1 year (unless you have a lot of friends in the MMO niche who can help you out with backlinks), so stop getting all disappointed when you don’t! Give it time and go for easier niches first. Go for keywords that are in your league and work your way up. Once you have small successes with easy keywords, you will have the confidence and backlink support network available to give you a chance to rank on page 1 of Google for more competitive terms.

The most common question I get when people email me from my various websites is, “How long did it take you to start making a living online?” It took me 2 years before I was earning enough money to consider it a truly livable income. It could take you longer or it could take you less time. It really depends on your level of resourcefulness, your ability to follow a plan, the amount of time you have available to work online, and your persistence. You will be able to make money online, but you have to be willing to do the work and tolerate the waiting period required in order to rank for keywords, build up traffic, learn the ropes, and so on.

What Do Horses And Carts Have To Do With Internet Affiliate Marketing, Anyway?

Have you noticed something that most of the top internet business owners have in common?

Yes, of course they all make a lot of money, and quite a lot of it is often from affiliate marketing commissions. However, more importantly than that, they have all created their own unique brands and products.

In contrast to the leading marketers, you will find that the great majority of affiliate business marketers try to make money exclusively by selling other people’s products. The problem with this approach to internet marketing, however, is that it puts the cart before the horse. The most successful online business entrepreneurs know that it is much better to have the affiliate marketing sales cart driven by the horse of unique products with the owner sat prominently in the driver’s seat for the purposes of personal branding.

You see, the problem with focusing solely on affiliate marketing is that that is what everybody else is doing. You only have to search the web for one or two leading affiliate products to realize there are far too many internet marketers out there who think the key to success is selling other people’s info products or business packages. Unfortunately for them, if you want to succeed with online marketing you have to begin promoting yourself and producing products and services of your own.

It need be no more difficult to produce your own product than it is to write a short report. Anybody who has been working in a particular field any amount of time will have a fund of insights and ideas to offer. Once you have written a report you can turn it into an e-book and promote it as your own product.

Even if you use it as a free incentive to get people to join your list, the very fact that it is a unique product that you have produced yourself with your name on it will give you an advantage over much of the competition. It will help you to brand yourself as an expert in your field.

But you don’t need to stop there. Once you have turned one report into an e-book, begin to plan your next e-book project, or online training course.

The next step could be to make a video version of your e-book. You can post the first video on your website to promote the whole course.

These are just a few ideas for creating your own unique products if you don’t yet have any of your own.

Now that you have something unique to offer, you will find that you have a more solid platform from which to promote affiliate products to generate extra income for your business. That is a much better way to think about making money with affiliate programs. Your primary income should come from your own product (the horse) and your secondary income can then be much more easily generated from affiliate commissions (the cart) generated from follow-up sales – just as a cart follows a horse.

Remember, it always pays to promote yourself first and other people’s business second. That is why you need to be visibly in the seat as the driver of your internet marketing “horse and cart.”

Here’s to your whipcrackin’ success!

Stop Chasing Shadows and Start Making Money!

The title might give you a clue to what’s coming here and it isn’t pretty or even very nice, but unfortunately the truth often stings, and this is a truth that really can’t be ignored. At least not by anyone who is actually serious enough to want to make money from the time they spend online. What is this latest revelation to put a dent in the vast majority of wannabe internet marketers?

Its all about chasing shadows.

By that I mean latching on to this or that latest, most innovative idea that some self styled money making guru has put out in the hope it’ll go viral and make them a lot of money off the backs of all the headless chickens who will follow them blindly down a dark alley. Its a shame but a truism nonetheless that people will follow where someone they see as an expert leads. Even if they lead them to certain disaster, which is what most of the gurus tend to do to their flocks.

The trick is to recognize a shadow when you see it!

They are all around and most of them promise a lot while delivering little or nothing. The old saying “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is” should be uppermost in your thoughts when confronted with a “great idea to make money online”. Chances are, that “great idea” will make money for its creator but will leave you spending a lot of time chasing that particular shadow in circles and not making any money from it yourself. That wasted time would have been better spent working on your own long term income stream that you know works because you have actual proof it works. And I don’t mean some hyped up sales page statistical chart which is probably faked or doctored in some way to make it look highly favorable. Like “I made $10,000 in a week” should really read, “I worked my ass off for two years solid and eventually one week I made $10,000… but my average is closer to $1,000…”.

Ok, that’s the reality of working online. Most people who do make money, only make an average amount and often its just enough to consider it a working wage. But if you can get to that stage, you can truly say, hand on heart, that you make money online. Because you do and you are living off it! Then you are at least qualified to show others how you do it, if you want to that is.

Think about this…

If you really did find a working formula that made you, say $1,000 a week online on average and it kept producing income no matter what, would you want to sell that idea to a bunch of noobs for $47 a pop and expect to retire on the proceeds? No way, man! It does not compute. It simply does not add up. And it does not make any sense to do that. I certainly don’t go shouting from the rooftops how I make my money online. Hell, I don’t want the competition taking a slice of my pie and neither would anyone who really does make good cash online.

So what does that tell you about 99% of all the “golden opportunities” that are rammed in your face every time you surf for ways to earn money online? Yep, they’re not what they seem. They are shadows and if you go chasing them you will be disappointed.

So the moral of this article is to find something that works for you and work hard at making it work. Its the only way to truly make money online, as there are no free lunches and shadows are fleeting at best. Good luck and I wish you every success!