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My New iPod Touch Arrived Today!

When you work from home online and are alone all day it can get boring at times, so it’s important to have some sort of entertainment around to keep you sane. That’s why I really wanted to win the recent karma contest to get a brand new 8 GB iPod touch for free, and I did! I already have an iPod Nano but I wanted an iPod touch because they have so many awesome features. Plus, getting anything that cool for free is always a bonus!

I’m actually on quite a winning streak with the contests. I’ve won the past three in a row. A couple years ago I won a new 20″ flat screen computer monitor, last year I won a $100 Amazon gift certificate, and now I just won an 8 GB iPod touch. If I keep this up I’ll never have to buy anything on my own again.

Not only do they have great contests over at WhyDoWork, they also have an awesome work at home forum, an informative internet marketing blog, a very useful home based job search, and a ton of other great stuff. I highly recommend getting involved with their site right away. You’ll certainly learn a lot about working at home and making money online plus you might just be the next contest winner, but hopefully not because I want to keep winning them! Hahaha

Anyway, I was really excited when my new iPod touch arrived today so I wanted to write a post about it to let everyone know. See ya soon!

Dedicated to your success,
Trent Brownrigg

Don’t Let People Tell You What To Do

This is a major rant that is as a result of something that happened on the Warrior Forum just this evening. I hope you will take this advice to heart because it is really for your own good. And yes, I know it’s ironic that in an article titled “Don’t Let People Tell You What To Do” I am now going to tell you what to do, but when you read it, you’ll understand. Okay, let’s first tell the story of what happened.

I was asked at the forum to tell what my day was like. People wanted to know what I did on a daily basis to become so successful. So, I told them. I went through my whole day from morning until evening, every step of the way. I left nothing out. Yes, it’s quite a full day for me. Heck, I’m writing this article at 10:11 PM so you can imagine how hard I work at my business.

Anyway, most people replied to the thread that they were inspired by my story but one person came to the thread and essentially said to me that I must be really miserable working as hard as I do. I couldn’t believe the nerve of this person, assuming that he knows anything about my life, what I like and what I don’t like. Because my lifestyle doesn’t suit him, he assumes that I must hate what I do.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I LOVE what I do. I wouldn’t do anything else in the world but internet marketing. I love the long days. I get bored when I’m not working. I’m not the kind of person who can sit around all day watching TV. I’d go nuts. If I didn’t enjoy my life, I’d do something else… trust me on that.

Anyway, here is the point of this article. Don’t let anyone, and I mean ANYONE, make you feel like what you’re doing is wrong. It’s YOUR life and you have to live it the way you want. So please don’t let anybody tell you what to do with it. If somebody has a suggestion that might help you, listen. You can then accept it or reject it…YOUR choice.

I’ve been running MY business MY way for almost 6 years now and I am very proud of the business that I have built up. It didn’t happen overnight and yes, there have been long hours. But they have been more than worth it.

My mortgage will be paid up this December… 11 years early.

Anyway, I hope this has been of some inspiration to you. And I promise… I will NEVER tell you what to do.

I’ll just make some friendly suggestions.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim
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Take Responsibility For Your Own Business

Well, I’m going on a rant…yet again. I find it amazing that when people drop the ball when it comes to their own business, they always look for somebody else to blame. Well, you can look no further than your mirror because the person you’re staring at is the ONLY one to blame.

True story. A guy over at a forum where I hang out made a post about how his hosting company screwed up by not sending him an email about his domain renewal. As a result, the domain lapsed and he lost it. Well, I don’t mean to be a royal pain in the backside but there is only one person responsible for keeping track of when your domain comes up for renewal…you.

I have a spreadsheet with all my important pieces of info, including logins and passwords, domain renewal dates, commissions owed and due, and so on. I don’t leave anything to chance or in the hands of others. It’s my business and ultimately, I’m the one responsible for making sure that my business doesn’t crumble to dust because I forgot to watch over it.

It’s kind of like needing somebody to remind me to feed my kids or they’ll die. Well, duh! It isn’t anybody else’s responsibility to remind me to feed my kids or take care of my business…or anything in my life for that matter. Ultimately, I am the only one responsible. In other words…the buck stops here.

What about you? Do you take care of all the things you’re responsible for? Do you keep track of domain expirations? Do you track your commissions that are owed you? Yeah, I know it would be nice to have the merchants pay us on time, but when they don’t, it’s up to us to contact them and say, “Hey, what’s the deal? Where’s my money?” Nobody is going to do it for you, that’s for sure.

Show me a person who is very successful and I will show you somebody who takes care of his own business and doesn’t leave it to others or to chance. That’s a sure fire way of losing your shirt.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some deadbeat merchants I have to get after for commissions that are owed to me.

Hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Ramblings Of Am IM Junkie – When All Hell Breaks Loose

Well, it was bound to happen. This is why I tell people not to depend on other sites for your livelihood.

In case you were not aware of this, this blog was missing in action for a few days. This was the result of a bureaucracy that doesn’t know It’s rear end from a hole in the ground.

I find it interesting that we put our fates in the hands of idiots. And then we expect things to go well. When they don’t, we look up in the surprise, shake our heads, and wonder what the hell just happened.

What I find most amusing, is that when some bureaucracy decides that our content is not suitable for their site, in many cases they actually contradict their own rules. I am not going to mention any names, but you can pretty much guess who I am talking about.

This is why I tell people, you get your own sites. Do not rely on others for your well-being. When you do this, you leave yourself open to all kinds of disaster. Trust me when I say this-I am speaking from experience.

Today, I am getting back to a normal routine. I kind of missed this place. It’s funny how you can take things for granted, because one day you look up, and it’s gone. And then you realize how lucky you were to have it.

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Trent for allowing me the honor of writing for his blog. He has been a very good friend, and one of the nicest people I have met online. I know that after this incident. He is never going to put his faith in the hands of idiots. Because let’s face it, there are plenty of idiots to go around.

So that this blog post does not become a big kiss up, I feel it is only right that I tell you about a great product. Unfortunately, I don’t have one to tell you about. At least not right now. So what you might want to do is check the link in my signature and see if you can find something there that interests you.

Well, I guess I have rambled on enough today. You may not know this, but this entire blog post was created using speech recognition software. I am currently using Dragon naturally speaking version 9. It’s not perfect, but it is pretty darn good. And I can dictate articles, much faster than I can write them. So for me, this was a good investment. You might want to check it out yourself someday… especially if you do a lot of writing.

Okay, I’m really done now.

In a few days, I’ll have another great article on some wonderful Internet marketing tips. So make sure you check back and get all great hot juicy stuff.

To your success,

Steven Wagenheim

Ramblings Of An IM Junkie – Make A Million Dollars Tomorrow!

Yes, you read the title right. Make a million dollars tomorrow.

Would you like that in 10s and 20s or should I sent it to you in food stamps?

Okay, I’m obviously kidding. However, I have to tell you…there are many people online who actually get into the Home Business Biz and expect to get rich overnight. How do I know that?

Get a load of this section from an email that I received just the other day…

“Look, I know that this make money thing can’t be all that hard. I mean I see people raking in a fortune all over the place. So just give me a couple of things I can do that’ll bring me in 20k this month.”

I almost fell to the floor with laughter. Sure buddy, when hell freezes over!

The truth is, this is the mentality I run into ALL over the place and it never ends. New people get into the world of making money online and think it’s going to be a cakewalk.

News Flash…It is NO cakewalk.

Last year was the end of my 5th year of running my own business online. My first year I made about $12,000.

Last year, for the first time, I broke 6 figures for the year. And no…it was NOT easy.

Running your own business is a hell of a lot of hard work and more of it than you can possibly imagine. There are things you need to learn when you’re first starting out that would boggle your mind if you knew. The truth is, if most people knew what it took BEFORE they dove in, they’d never go through with it.

Well, I don’t know where you are in your journey, but in my sig is a link to a product I created that literally has every bit of information that I have crammed into my head in the last 5 years.

Do I guarantee it will make you a million dollars?

Hell, I don’t guarantee it will make you a red cent. But without knowing what you’re doing, which this product will certainly do, you haven’t got a prayer.

Make a million dollars tomorrow… Yeah, right.