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Best Online Home Business Opportunity

It’s almost impossible to say what the best online home business opportunity is because there are so many of them out there and different ones fit the separate needs of people in various ways. And what one person thinks is the best business online another person will think the exact opposite. It is largely a matter of opinion. However, there are clear cases where some online home business opportunities are scams or simply not as good as many others.

If you look at any business opportunity in detail by asking about it on online business forums, searching for member feedback and reviews, researching its reputation, etc… you will almost certainly find that it has positive and negative points and some people are making money with it and others are not. You will probably also find many people talking it up as the best thing in the world and many people calling it a scam.

So it soon becomes clear that there is really not a “best” — one size fits all — online home business opportunity. Different people have success with different programs because we all have our own skills, experience and preferences. What I think is the best way to start an online business someone else will have absolutely no interest in doing.

A woman who loves going to parties and having fun with her friends might do well with a party based multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity in something like lingerie or kitchenware. Another woman, who is less sociable but was once a school teacher, might be good at selling children’s books to parents and schools. Do either of those businesses interest you or sound like something you would be good at? If so, you might have just found your business idea.

If you prefer not to do any face to face selling, you can run your business entirely online and never meet your customers. However, most MLM businesses do require you to have a least some contact with customers over the phone if nothing else. It is true that you can do most of the actual marketing online by building a website and getting traffic to it. But when people start signing up to your business you must be prepared to talk to them when they call you with questions.

Therefore, if you are very anti social or simply don’t want to deal with talking to people about business, you should avoid MLM. In that case, the best online home business opportunity for you would be something that is entirely internet based and everything is automated or can be done by email. For example, you could set up a website selling ebooks and drive traffic to that. Or if you want to entirely eliminate customer support issues, you can start an affiliate marketing business or build websites that make money from Google Adsense. With an Adsense business, Google will pay you every month directly into your bank once you reach a certain level of earnings and you never have any contact with customers in any way.

So the first step in finding the best online home business opportunity for you is to figure out what you want to do and what you are good at then find a business model that fits well with your needs and interests. There is something for everyone out there so don’t settle for opportunities that you really aren’t interested in pursuing.

The second step is to actually build your home based business by working at it consistently and not giving up. Don’t be persuaded into trying something else just because you didn’t get rich after a month or two. This is probably the hardest thing for beginners to do and the reason why some people seem to make money with any type of program and others can’t ever make a cent. It takes time and hard work to build a real online business. You have to be in it for the long haul and not expect anything to happen quickly. Most importantly you can’t give up on your dreams! The biggest secret in finding and building the best online home business opportunity is to focus your efforts.

Now, get out there and start building your home based business so one day in the not so distant future you will have financial freedom!

Video Is Bigger Than I Thought

I have to admit it…I miscalculated. I knew video was big, but I had no idea it was THIS big. I’m going to give you some examples of what I’m talking about in a second. But trust me on this, if you’re not using video in some way to promote your business, you’re missing out big time. Okay, now for the examples.

First let me start off by saying that I usually get most of my traffic and sales from article marketing simply because I do write a lot of articles. Problem is, it’s a time consuming process. Sure, Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 makes it go a little faster, but it still takes time to compose an article.

Well, the other month, I started getting into videos. I began with one that was simply for fun. It was a video of me teaching my “son” about article marketing.

But then I started getting into more serious videos and I started a series called the Real Truth About Making Money Online. This series has gotten quite a few visitors with very little promotion. It really doesn’t take a lot to get videos seen because YouTube is so big these days. Basically just putting up a video and doing just a little promotion is going to get you views. And if your videos get picked up by other sites, well, that’s just a bonus.

I also made a video of me playing the guitar and I’ve actually gotten some pretty cool feedback on that one.

Point is, by doing all these videos (I think I’ve done about 20 so far) I am beginning to make a name for myself as an internet marketer who does videos. Now, if you do videos that are good quality, well, you’ve got it made because these are gold.

But why? Why are videos gold, especially if you’re physically in them?

The reason is recognition and credibility. See, when somebody can actually see who you are, they’re more likely to trust what you have to say. Let’s face it, the Internet is a scary place and it’s hard to tell who you can trust and who you have to stay away from. Video makes this process a little easier for the prospect, especially if you come across as genuine and sincere. On top of that, you can put a link to your website in the description for the added bonus of more traffic and sales.

So, if you really want to increase your online earnings, get into making videos.

4 More Effective Ways To Advertise For Free

People are always asking and looking for more ways to advertise for free. It’s understandable if your advertising budget is nil or you just want to try something out on a trial basis. Here are four more effective ways to advertise for free.

Contests – It has always been an importance to me to utilize forums and get the most out of them. Here’s why. Forums owners love to have contests because it encourages interaction, motivates the members to be active participants and it brings in more members. Personally, I like contests especially when the winner receives an advertising prize or advertising package. By taking an advantage of these contests whether it’s a product you win or ad space either way it’s a win-win situation. If it’s paid advertising then it’s one way to see if this type of paid advertising works for you without having to pay out of your own pocket. Where do you find these contests? Of course, first and foremost community forums, direct sales representatives online parties and bloggers.

Contest Sponsor – Is when a webmaster is looking for people to contribute something for their contest. It can be a product sample, discount, or advertising space, e-book etc. Most likely the webmaster will be advertising their contest heavily to the public. Most likely they will list the prizes of what the winner can win along with your name and business. It’s a very simple way to get exposure for your product or business.

Guest Author – It’s a neat way to get back links and increase traffic to your business or site by being a guest author on blogs. It may be a slow process at first, but the more you blog the more exposure you will get. Blogging is a more casual approach than writing articles so if you’ve always wanted to write, but you don’t feel you have it in you then blogging is a good way to build on your writing skills. Since we’re on the topic of blogging, leaving comments on other blogs relevant to you will get you back links. Keep in mind though don’t leave comments just for the sake of it. Many will see through it as a thinly veiled spam comment. You really don’t want to leave that kind of impression even if it wasn’t your intention.

Testimonies – Have you received excellent customer support, reviewed an e-book you couldn’t put down or tried out a product that completely amazed you? Have you written a testimony to the company/business to let them know? It’s a good opportunity for you to allow them to place your testimony on their site provided you’re allowed to have a “little bit about you” blurb at the end. I can’t see a company/business turning this down. Seriously, who would say no to positive feedback? No one in their right business-like mind would.

Keep these four free advertising methods in mind the next time you’re networking online and see why contests, contest sponsors, guest author and testimonies are effective. It takes only a small portion of your time in exchange for some huge rewards.

How You Run Your Business Is A Reflection On You

I really don’t like going on rants but every now and then I have no choice. In spite of the fact that I have adopted a brand new “what me worry” attitude, it still bugs me when people don’t run their business in a professional manner. Without naming names, because that’s just not cool, I’m going to relate a true story and in doing so, show you an example of what NOT to do.

I purchased a product a while ago. It was supposed to be for one price with no recurring charges. Well, it turned out that the old sales page was never changed and in fact, this was a recurring charge. Well, I was pretty upset about this, but because the sales page was in error, the person did eventually agree to give me access for a year. Well, better than nothing anyway.

But it doesn’t end there. See, then, a month goes by and my year long membership lapsed for some reason. So I had to write again and he fixed it. Okay, that’s cool. In the meantime, I had made an affiliate sale for this product (after he fixed the page) so that people would know it was a recurring charge. Well, I made the sale but then, after my account lapsed and was reinstated, my sale disappeared. Guess what? You got it…Another email.

I’m now waiting for response to this one.

Tell me…do you think I’m happy? I can’t remember the last time I had to go through so much with one merchant. Do you think I’ll purchase another product from this person? Do you think I’ll promote another product for this person?

And the sad thing is, the product is kick ass. It’s one of the best products for what it does that I have seen. But the guy just doesn’t run a very tight ship and I have no tolerance for that. I probably lost a commission, unless he can somehow resurrect the records. But even if he can, the experience has been less than pleasant and quite honestly, I have enough headaches without having to deal with somebody who has so many problems.

Point is, if you run a business, like it or not, customers are going to judge you NOT only by the product you sell but by how you run your operation and your customer service. I personally pride myself on my customer service and expect no less from those who I deal with.

You should expect no less and give no less.

Use Forums To Boost Your Home Business

You are starting out with your home business amongst way too many people doing the same thing. You need to make a name for yourself or “brand”yourself. Your goal is to have your name and website associated with a certain niche. So how do you do it??

Post on business forums and do it now. This is one of the best ways to get people to see that you are knowledgeable and excited about your business. Post often and intelligently. Look for interesting threads where you can ask a good question or answer with a thoughtful response.

Use your full name as your username. Always be honest, helpful and possibly useful to someone who is reading the thread.

Keep in mind that people who are researching a home business will do many searches to seek legitimate businesses and will end up on a forum. They may not post at all but will read about things they are interested in and flock towards someone who seems the most trustworthy.

They are often seeking a mentor (whether they realize it at the time or not) and someone who will lead them in the right direction. I know this for a fact and have received many emails, calls and private messages from people who have read my posts in forums.

These people who are searching can be your best “targeted traffic” because they truly want to have a home business. You just have to show them the way.