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Is There a Best Online Home Business Opportunity?

It’s almost impossible to say what the best online home business opportunity is because there are so many of them out there and different ones fit the separate needs of people in various ways. And what one person thinks is the best business online another person will think the exact opposite. It is largely a matter of opinion. However, there are clear cases where some online home business opportunities are scams or simply not as good as many others.

Let’s dig a little deeper and get to the point…

If you look at any business opportunity in detail by asking about it on online business forums, social media, Googling it, searching for member feedback and reviews, researching its reputation, etc… you will almost certainly find that it has positive and negative points, and some people are making money with it and others are not. You will probably also find many people talking it up as the best thing in the world and many people calling it a scam.

So it soon becomes clear that there is really not a “best” — one size fits all — online home business opportunity. Different people have success with different programs because we all have our own skills, experience and preferences. What I think is the best way to start an online business someone else will have absolutely no interest in doing.

A woman who loves going to parties and having fun with her friends might do well with a party based multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity in something like lingerie or kitchenware. Another woman, who is less sociable but was once a school teacher, might be good at selling children’s books to parents and schools. Do either of those businesses interest you or sound like something you would be good at? If so, you might have just found your business idea.

If you prefer not to do any face-to-face selling, you can run your business entirely online and never meet your customers. However, most MLM businesses do require you to have a least some contact with customers over the phone if nothing else. It is true that you can do most of the actual marketing online by building a website and getting traffic to it. But when people start signing up to your business you must be prepared to talk to them when they call you with questions.

Therefore, if you are very anti-social or simply don’t want to deal with talking to people about business, you should avoid MLM. In that case, the best online home business opportunity for you would be something that is entirely internet based and everything is automated or can be done by email. For example, you could set up a website selling ebooks and drive traffic to that. Or if you want to entirely eliminate customer support issues, you can start an affiliate marketing business or build websites that make money from Google Adsense. With an Adsense business, Google will pay you every month directly into your bank once you reach a certain level of earnings and you never have any contact with customers in any way.

So the first step in finding the best online home business opportunity for you is to figure out what you want to do and what you are good at then find a business model that fits well with your personality, needs and interests. There is something for everyone out there so don’t settle for opportunities that you really aren’t interested in pursuing.

The second step is to actually build your home based business by working at it consistently and not giving up. Don’t be persuaded into trying something else just because you didn’t get rich after a month or two. This is probably the hardest thing for beginners to do and the reason why some people seem to make money with any type of program and others can’t ever make a cent. It takes time and hard work to build a real online business. You have to be in it for the long haul and not expect anything to happen quickly. Most importantly you can’t give up on your dreams! The biggest secret in finding and building the best online home business opportunity is to focus your efforts.

Now, get out there and start building your home based business so one day in the not so distant future you will have financial freedom!

Working From Home Productivity Ideas

I have the sense that many, if not most, people in the developed world would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to work from home, whether it be as a consultant, freelancer, or online small business operator. It’s rare to find someone that loves their job and wouldn’t want to be more in control of their own destiny.  What’s interesting, though, is that the vast majority of these people will never actually follow through on this urge, and the ones that do quite often find that they simply can’t hack it.

In my view the main culprit behind this phenomenon is the lack of focus and discipline that characterizes a good proportion of today’s workforce.  This is not to say that most people are lazy – I’m simply saying that most people are too easily distracted to ever become effective home-based workers or business owners.  I’m suggesting that though most cubicle dwellers complain about constant oversight and micromanagement by higher-ups, the truth is that without this external pressure to perform and meet timelines many of them would probably get very little accomplished.

So what often happens is that the typical, disgruntled employee quits his job and strikes out on his own, confident that he can make more money from home anyway while creating his own schedule and answering to nobody but himself.  He quickly discovers, however, that he’s not getting anything done from his new home office.  Instead of actually working he’s doing a lot of TV watching, internet surfing, refrigerator raiding, and sometimes even napping.  He simply does not have the self-discipline to push aside distractions and focus on getting things done.  Does this sound familiar?  I hope not.  If it does, let me suggest a few ideas for finding the focus and motivation necessary to be a successful work at home individual.

First of all, get rid of the TV.  Okay, for most people this simply isn’t possible, but something you can try is to forcibly cut yourself off every morning.  My wife leaves every morning for her job while I stay at home and work, and I’ve gotten in the habit of tossing the remote control in her car’s back seat before she leaves so that watching the tube during the day simply is not possible!  Sure, there are times when I wish I could just take a break and do some channel surfing but by eliminating this possibility I dramatically increase my daily productivity.

Another easy way to cut out wasted movements is to switch to energy drinks from coffee if you need a morning jolt.  I used to be a big coffee drinker but I started to track how much time my habit was costing me every morning.  Between grinding the beans, brewing a pot, mixing in cream and sugar, cleaning the filter, and walking back and forth to the microwave ten times to reheat I was throwing away a good thirty minutes of valuable work time every single day.  Now, I go to the fridge, grab a cold can of Monster, and I’m ready to roll.  Same result – less hassle. This may not be for you, but you get the idea. Find that thing you do similar to this daily – that you don’t NEED to do – and get rid of it, or find a much faster alternative.

Perhaps the biggest impediment to productivity for most home based business owners is the internet itself.  This used to be a big problem for me, but I have worked hard to curtail it.  For example, instead of actually getting work done on the computer I was spending ridiculous amounts of time checking email, looking at social media, watching videos, checking website stats, and reading blogs that had nothing to do with my business.  I even decided to track my own activity one day and I’m embarrassed to admit that I checked my email over 30 times in an eight-hour period!  Why was I doing this?  Because checking my email was easier than working, to be blunt, but it also “felt” like I was working since it’s a small part of the business.  So was checking the stock quotes, reading the news headlines, and surfing over to to check the 10-day forecast.  All of these kinds of time-wasters will absolutely destroy your ability to achieve both your short and long term goals as a home based entrepreneur, and if you’re not careful they will end up sending you back to the dreaded 9-5 office cubicle quicker than you can say “tps reports”.

So how have I mastered my terrible internet habits?  I haven’t, really.  Much like my method for reducing TV time, I’ve simply removed myself from the problem.  Since most of my at-home work involves content generation I bought a word processor that is good for producing documents and that’s about it.  It’s the cheapest, most simple little tool imaginable and cannot be connected to the internet, so it’s perfect for me.  This way I’m not even tempted to surf the web because it is not even available to me.  I work on the word processor on the main floor of our home and only go into the basement twice a day to flip on our internet-enabled desktop so that I can check email and upload content.  This new ritual has proven extremely effective, and the amount of content I’m now able to churn out on a daily basis is simply staggering.

These are just a few ideas for reducing distractions and ramping up your productivity as a home-based worker, but the possibilities are endless.  Use your mind and I’m sure you can come up with some creative ways to cut out the “fat” in your daily routine so that you can meet your goals faster and create the kind of lifestyle for yourself that you’ve always dreamed of.  There are a million great business ideas that you can run from the comfort of home, but there’s only one way to make them successful, and that’s with good old-fashioned hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.

Some Internet Marketers Need A Course In Communication

Not all internet marketers are created equal. Not everyone has the gift of personal communication skills and dealing with people on a more personal level. I do realize that. Maybe that is why some of the major players on the internet are major players. They don’t take the time to deal with individuals.

I realize I am not going to be popular for some of my statements here, but I am not your average marketer, nor am I a probably considered a “major player” even though I am relatively well-known on the internet marketing world! I do have a point though. The point being that since the internet is such an anonymous venue in many ways, the players who lose the personal touch are doing everyone a disservice.

I will relate a recent personal experience here and I hope you will see my point. I am involved in a program that I thoroughly believe in and I am confident it could help someone work from home full time that is just starting out. I also understand the importance of multiple streams of income and I have been researching businesses that I could possibly add to my income streams.

I use forums and social media mostly to research business options because this is where some of the most successful marketers “hang out” and share ideas. They are invaluable. Recently, I found a business that I thought I wanted to learn more about and sent a private message to someone on a forum who seemed the most knowledgeable. She sent me a “canned” email about the program and that was it. I never heard back from her. I knew right then and there she was not the person I would choose to have as my sponsor and in my opinion lacked something. By the way, this woman is highly successful in a couple of popular businesses.

About a month later, I was on another forum and saw a thread on the same opportunity with another person who was leading that thread and quite successful as well. I sent her a private message and it was like night and day. Not only did she give me her phone number and email address, she also sent me all the information that she could and made sure I felt free to call her to speak about the program. She has the interpersonal skills of a good educator.

Who would you choose? I think it’s obvious which one I chose!

Do you see my point? The internet business opportunity world is so crowded, it’s like a traffic jam at times, and people need to know there is a real person on the other side of that private message. Is it a canned email from someone who could do without you or a personal message from someone who may really want you to be on their team? Having someone like me — with several popular blogs and good online reputation — on her team will certainly help her make more money as well, and all it took was a personal response.

Think about it. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

You Don’t Always Have To Be A Salesperson

How many articles have you read, websites you’ve seen, videos you have watched, emails you’ve gotten, and posts on blogs that are purely sales pitches? To me, it seems like just about all of them these days. Is it always hype that makes the sale or has the time come when it’s more important to be a little more personal and give value? I personally think it’s the latter.

I don’t consider myself to necessarily be a great salesperson. As an internet marketer, I have found the most success by making a connection with people who read my blogs, articles, forum posts, social media updates, etc…

Don’t get me wrong, there is a sales component, but when you love what you do and love what you have the opportunity to share with others then people feel the connection. They do not feel they are being fed a sales pitch so they begin to feel a more trusting relationship with you. That is the key because now you are approachable.

I like to write in a manner as if I am speaking to a friend of mine who is looking for more information on a subject or my progress. I let people know all the time in my posts they can contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me, and they will definitely get a response and I will tell them all they want to know (within reason). I have had many people write comments asking for help, advice and want to learn more about my programs or training. My conversations with those people are even better.

I personally feel its important to be really honest. Honesty shows through and bullshit is easy to spot. People can feel honesty and are drawn towards you instead of the many people who are promoting exactly the same program you are promoting. People seeking home businesses or other online income opportunities are becoming more savvy and many have been burned before. They are wary, and rightfully so in many circumstances. If you give them the opportunity to connect with you then you potentially have a loyal downline member forever, or lifetime customer/client!

There are so many ways to make a home business work for you but I believe it’s key to show who you truly are, keep it real and be approachable. You’ll be receiving those emails, inquiries, sign ups, and sales in no time!

Overcoming Obstacles in Your Online Business

One of the things that drives me absolutely crazy is when people write to me and say, “I can’t do this or that because of… [insert excuse here]” and give me some marketing obstacle that they’re having, whether it be a payment processor they can’t use or a form of advertising that isn’t available or a product that they want to create but the software that they need to create it doesn’t run on their computer or any of about 1000 other excuses. Well, this post is my way of hopefully putting all these excuses and other obstacles to bed once and for all.

Let’s start with payment processing. I understand that there are some countries that do not have access to Clickbank or PayPal. However, those payment processing giants are not the only ones you can use. There are a lot of very high quality payment processors out there that you can use, and I would be that you have access to at least one of them. Just because you can’t use PayPal or Clickbank doesn’t mean that you can’t do business online. So that’s just a really bad excuse.

What about advertising? Just recently, I decided that I wanted to get into the gambling niche because I was taught by a pro gambler many years ago and think I have something to offer to the novice gambler with my own strategies developed over time. Problem is, Adwords doesn’t allow ads for gambling products. Okay, so what? Adwords isn’t the only game in town either. There are a plenty of other advertising platforms that do allow gambling ads. Plus, you have many other forms of promotion like article marketing, video marketing, blogs, social media, SEO, and tons of other things. If you can’t get the word out one way, then get it out another way.

Finally, there is product creation. I know that Macs don’t run a lot of software that internet marketers need to run their businesses. However, there are PC emulators that you can use on a Mac that will work. Granted, it’s not the best solution in the world, but it’s a solution. Plus, there are often Mac versions of the same or similar software that are just as good.

The point I’m making is… It’s easy to make excuses or find obstacles for why you can’t make a living online. Honestly, anybody can make excuses. That’s the easy part and why most people don’t succeed. Those who do become successful are the ones who look at the obstacles in their path and find a way to remove them!