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Finding Stay At Home Jobs – Here are Some Ideas…

In the past decade it has become much easier for moms, dads, and everyone else to find stay at home jobs. The rapid expansion of the internet has meant that many more people are able to work from home and connect to their employers from their home computers.

There is an extremely wide range of jobs that you can do from your home. Almost any “desk job” that a company has available could be done from home as long as the employee has a computer, internet, printer, phone, and a few other things (that pretty much everyone has nowadays). You can still find traditional stay at home jobs such as simple data entry but you will probably find that there is a long waiting list for the work that is available.

To help yourself in finding a work from home job think about what special knowledge or skills you have that people would pay for. What are you good at that other people might pay you to do for them? Some examples of stay at home jobs you can do are writing, recruiting, transcription, collections, phone actor, research, billing, customer support, translation, accounting, marketing, virtual assistant, SEO, programming, graphic design, web design, and many other things. As I said, there is a wide range of things you can do as a work from home employee.

Many of us have trouble thinking about our positive points, so you might find it helpful to ask a supportive friend or a former colleague or employer to help list your strengths for you. They will probably say some things that will surprise you and some may turn out to be marketable skills that you can use to find a home based job.

Just be sure to check out any company very thoroughly before you work for them to help ensure you don’t get scammed. You should be extra cautious if they ask you to pay for anything before hiring you. They are hiring you and should be paying you, not the other way around. Even if they say the payment is for equipment, fees, deposits, shipping, or anything else — You might want to walk away.

One interesting way to make money from home that doesn’t really require you to work for anyone else is to become a stock photographer. You need to be able to take good, professional quality digital photos, and then you simply upload them to the internet for others to purchase. You will register your photographs with one of the many stock photograph sites online. They have customers who visit the site to find photos that they can use on their websites or in their marketing material. This means that you do not have to worry about marketing or much of anything else other than taking the photos, it will be done for you by the stock photo library. Each picture that you take may be downloaded by many different customers. The amount that you earn per download is small, but when you have a large number of photos available on the site it can add up to a good income. This is a good idea of a way to work from home that capitalizes on a person’s individual skills.

Make a list of your special knowledge, skills and experience right now and I am certain you will find that some of them could be turned into a stay at home job. You can make money from home and if that’s the path you want to take then let nothing stop you!

3 Tips for Better Time Management

Time management is an important ability for everyone, especially if you are your own boss, working from home or running an online business. It is a skill that can take time to develop and even longer to master. Here is a quick look at some simple yet essential tips to creating better time management skills…

1. Don’t Deceive Yourself

One of the biggest problems that most people have is that the underestimate how long a particular task really takes. If you think that something will take 20 minutes but actually takes 30 minutes, your entire schedule will soon fall apart. Let’s say you have 6 tasks to get done that take 20 minutes each, so you budget 2 hours to get everything done. However, reality sets in and each task takes 30 minutes to compete. Instead of 2 hours, it takes 3 hours to complete everything. If this is true for every task, your 8 hour workday will actually require a total of 12 hours to complete.

2. Schedule in Breaks When Needed

It would be nice to think that you are a workhorse and never need a break, but that simply isn’t true. Don’t feel bad if you schedule a 5 minute break after every task. And you definitely need to give yourself a 30-60 minutes lunch break. Trust me, I used to work straight through lunch hour all the time, and eventually I found it was actually doing me more harm than good as far as being productive. If anything, these scheduled breaks will actually give you something to look forward to and can actually make you work harder. Plus, by scheduling in breaks, you will be able to more accurately gauge how much you can accomplish during the day.

3. Stop Waiting Around

The biggest time waster is having to wait around for something. It is important to always stay busy, whenever possible. While waiting cannot be avoided if you have a meeting or are at the dentist, there is not much you can do about it. However, if you always have some work handy, even small assignments, then you can make the most of your time. It may surprise you how much extra you can get done during the week once you have turned waiting time into working time. It’s also important to remember that just because you are sitting at your computer, you aren’t necessarily “working” or getting anything important done. You would be surprised how easy it is to waste 2-3 hours every day just reading things or browsing, or whatever, and it feels like you are working because you are online.

Time management is a necessary skill that many people unfortunately lack and that is really bad for people who run their own home based business or have a work from home job. However, by following these 3 simple tips, you will find that managing your time doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you have these three tips under control, find some other ways to manage your time better and implement them. One of the most important things to remember is that while you may have excellent time management skills, they can always be improved.

Work from Home with No Investments

There are many people looking for ways to work from home with no investments, and I assume you are one of them since you are reading this right now. While that is a tall order, it’s not impossible and can certainly be done. They are a few good free ways to work from home with no investment and in many cases you can start making money quickly with them and in other cases it will take a lot more time and patience before you start seeing a good income.

One of the best ways to do this is to get a real work at home job. That sounds easy enough but it’s actually not nearly as simple as you might think. The reason is because most of the advertised free work at home jobs online are actually products or programs that you have to pay for and aren’t really a “job” at all. That leaves a LOT of competition for the real online work at home jobs thus making them very difficult to get hired for. However, it is possible so don’t give up on that idea just yet. You’ll need to be patient and persistent in trying to find one, but that’s the nature of making money online at home. Some of the more popular real work at home jobs are data entry, writing, support, transcription, and research but that is not an all-inclusive list by any means.

Another way to work from home with no investments is to do freelance work for other people. There are plenty of internet marketers, webmasters, bloggers, and all sorts of other people online who hire freelance workers for many different tasks. You will find a lot of people looking to hire at business forums and facebook groups. There are also a lot of websites dedicated to helping freelance workers and people who need work done find each other. Some of these include, and many others. Just do a search on Google for freelance jobs or freelance work and you will find a lot of these sites.

You can also work at home with no investments by starting free blogs. You don’t have to pay for domains or hosting to start your online business. Yes, they do help but they are not required by any means. Websites such as and are great places to start free blogs so you can make money blogging from home with them. Do some niche research to find some good niches to build your blogs around then start writing content (blogging) on them. You’ll also need to get high quality niche related backlinks so your blogs will get traffic by ranking highly in the search engines. You can monetize them with affiliate links, advertising, Adsense, or another way.

Another popular way to work from home with no investment is by getting paid to take free online surveys, complete free offers, post in forums, read emails, or do other “get paid to” jobs. These are often called GPT and there are a lot of websites that you can do these tasks for in order to make money at home. You certainly won’t get rich doing these things but you can earn some extra money each month to help pay bills or whatever. Be careful though because a lot of GPT sites like to convince you that you’ll make insane amounts of money for doing these tasks and it’s simply not true, so don’t fall for it.

You can also make money with eBay as a way to work from home with no investments. Although you do have to pay a little for the listings and you might have to get products to sell unless you use dropshipping or have a lot of stuff around your house sell. So this might not be totally free but it can be done for very cheap so it’s definitely something to consider if you are flat broke and need a way to earn some extra money.

Alright, that’s it for now. Those are certainly not all the ways to work from home with no investment but they are some of the more popular ones, and they should keep you busy for a while. You can make money for free contrary to what many internet marketers will have you believe, but it does tend to make it a lot easier if you have some money to invest into your online business.

Work at Home Employment – Things to Be Aware Of

Today, more than ever, work at home employment opportunities are everywhere. So how can you determine whether or not a particular opportunity is legitimate? This is an important topic to talk about because there are a lot of work from home scams that often lure people in with hyped up promises and never deliver on any of them. Let me tell you what you should look for when evaluating a work at home employment opportunity.

Perhaps the most important factor is that no legitimate work at home employment opportunity will ever make you pay money up front. Does this make sense? When was the last time you applied for a regular job and were told you had to pay for the privilege of being hired? I know, it’s completely absurd. However, there are a variety of somewhat dubious home employment opportunities that require an upfront payment before you can begin working. While in some rare instances these arrangements are legitimate, the overwhelming majority of them are completely fake.

Don’t get this confused with home business opportunities, network marketing businesses, programs teaching you how to make money online, or many other ways to start a home based business online or offline. Those will almost always have a fee and can often be great ways to make money from home. However, any real work from home job or online employment opportunity should not charge you anything to be hired. Make sure you know the difference before you send any of your money.

Something else you need to be aware of is that some work at home employment opportunities require you to give them your bank account information before you can start working for them. Yes, that’s scary! Usually this is so they can pay you via direct deposit or so they can use it for verification purposes. Quite honestly, I would never give my private banking information to some random company that I found on the internet. Do you understand where I am coming from? Make sure they are 100% legitimate and that you have actually been hired for real before you do this.

Yes, there are many legitimate companies that pay you via direct deposit and that collect your banking information. However, you should be VERY suspicious of any company that immediately starts pressuring you for your bank account details in order to be hired for their work at home employment. Do LOTS of research and be absolutely sure they are legitimate before you give them any of your private information, especially your bank account information or SSN!

There are plenty of employment opportunities that allow you to earn great money working from home. In fact, a lot of large multinational corporations are starting to pay their employees to telecommute. This means you could be employed at a major company yet not have to go in to a formal office every day to do your work.

Typically, if you want to be hired for a work from home job, you will need to be good at speaking with people on the telephone, have good computer and typing skills, be self-motivated, and own a computer with an internet connection. Obviously every work at home employment opportunity will be different but those are some things you can expect to need for just about all of them.

Now, all you need to do is get out there and start researching reputable companies that hire people for work from home employment.

Buying a New House – But You Work at Home?

We have our house for sale – its actually perfectly setup for someone who works at home as I do – but we are selling because we want to downsize our mortgage and spend less time fighting the garden.

But it got me thinking – what makes for the perfect home if you are looking for the best house for a home business? What does the work from home professional need in their home? Well, I have quite a long list having been renting for a few years – here’s some of them.

Requirements for a “Work At Home” House

  • Must have a good sized separate room, which I can call an office, or at least an extra bedroom that I can turn into an office. Having a separate office space, which you can close the door on is not only helpful psychologically – it also means that you will probably get a better tax deduction (check with an accountant or tax professional for the details on this).
  • I need some space, a view and lots of natural light. I also need warmth because I live in a very cold climate during the fall and winter months. You may need something cooling if you live in a more tropical climate.
  • Must have sufficient power points and phone/internet line connections – a quality and fast internet connection goes without saying. Improved wireless networking means that its no longer necessary to physically attach printers and modems to your computer, but they all still need power – so if you have the choice – you can never have enough power points!
  • If you employ a staff or have local clients that visit you at home it’s probably important to have a separate entrance to your work at home office if at all possible. You don’t need the kids answering the door to the client, or have them walking through your cluttered up house to get to the office area! Equally, you probably don’t want employees encroaching on your family space – so therefore you will probably need an office with a kitchenette and separate toilet too.

As my work at home business is entirely online based, I don’t need to deal with clients or employees in my home – so rather than looking for a self-contained home office – I want a room with a view, some space, good lighting, and insulation.  What I might do is take the largest bedroom and use it for an office. Where I live anything that is advertised as an “office” by a real estate agent really means “tiny cupboard” or large landing!  The key thing for me is to get a property that has an excellent internet connection – this is not as simple as you may think – in new suburbs there are often not enough fast connections to go around!

So whether you are looking for your next home or your first, whether you work at home or in a more traditional job, take a moment to sit down and really think about what you want from your next home, before you hit the streets checking out houses for sale!