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Caught In The Web

That is Web 2.0. Are you apart of it? Blogging, social networking, social bookmarking etc.?

Blogging has to be one of the easiest things to do especially when there are free sites to do it on. is extremely user-friendly and super easy peasy. You can literally have a blog created in just five minutes. As a matter of fact, that’s what states. You don’t have to be HTML savvy…just know how to type in the box provided and when you’re done click on the publish button.

Because blogging is so easy, there are thousands of business-type blogs created each day, but there are also thousands of abandoned business-type blogs that haven’t been updated in months or years. Why? Simply because it takes time and commitment. I understand unforeseen circumstances can work its way into your family life and my family is my number one priority and I would drop my business in a heartbeat. If this scenario doesn’t pertain to you, then there’s no excuse.

Now we know blogs can drive traffic to your business and more people are creating blogs for this purpose, but if you’re going to be half committed then blogging is going to be useless to you and your business. Do you half commit to your business? What you put in is what you will reap in rewards. Do nothing and you will make pennies, if that.

Instead of jumping on the Web 2.0 bandwagon with the likes of social networking and blogging, know your limitations and what you can handle. Find your target market, find your niche and be consistent. Spreading yourself too thin isn’t beneficial in any way and it does more harm than good.

Don’t get caught up with Web 2.0 if you can’t commit to its responsibilities. Time, consistency and commitment is what will drive your business to the next level.  When you’re ready, social networking and blogging will still be there waiting for you, ready to take you into its web.

Are You Making The Most Of Your Blog?

I remember when the blog was first created. I thought it was a fad that would go away real quick. I certainly didn’t think it would have any impact on Internet marketing. Boy, was I wrong. Blogs are such a vital part of the Internet marketers’ arsenal that I don’t know how anybody lives without one. And yet, so many marketers either don’t have one or don’t make the most of their blogs. Well, in this article, I’m going to give you a few tips that will increase the effectiveness of your blogging efforts. If you do these few things, you’ll find that your bottom line will also increase.

At the very top of my to-do list is just that…the list. I am amazed at the number of bloggers who don’t make any attempt to build a list from their blog. All it takes is a link to give away a free report through an opt in form. Aweber, which is probably the best Autoresponder in existence, is all of 20 bucks a month. If you can’t afford 20 bucks a month for your business then you have no business being in business. This is a basic essential that no blogger should be without.

Next, I want to move on to other marketers’ blogs. Why? Because there is an opportunity there that many marketers ignore because they think that ALL their blogging efforts should be on their own blogs. While you should build up your own blogs, posting comments and articles on other marketers’ blogs can greatly increase the amount of traffic that you get, especially if you post comments on blogs with a high PR. So don’t ignore your fellow marketers. If you ask, you may even get a gig as a guest author like I’ve done here.

Finally, there is how you actually go and promote your blog. Many bloggers only do the minimum in this area. They update their blogs and then ping the blog directories…and that’s it. And then they wonder why they’re not getting as much traffic as they’d like. You have to do more than just blog and ping. A good start would be to write some articles and submit them to article directories. In your resource box, have a link to your blog. This will get more traffic to your blog.

These are just a few simple things that you can do to increase the effectiveness of your blogging efforts. And they won’t cost you one penny.

There’s Nothing Like A Good Mentor To Ensure Your Success

Anyone searching for a way to earn a living from home has come across a countless number of opportunities to search through. Even if they do make the right decision it is not at all guaranteed they will find success. Not at all!

There are so many reasons why people fail when they start a home business and I don’t have the time (or the space) to name them all. I’ll get to that in time. I promise.

One significant reason is the absence of a good mentor(s). I can’t emphasize enough how important this is to get anyone going on the right track in the beginning (and throughout frankly).

Starting a home business can be daunting for anyone but especially so when a newbie invests there money and has dreams and a plan to make this all happen. Unfortunately, the plan probably has nothing to do with the real way to find success with your business.

Here comes the mentor to save the day. A good mentor which could mean a sponsor in a program, another affiliate in the same program, or a group of people in a forum can point the newbie with the dream in the right direction. They will teach the newbie about some of the truly important aspects of marketing such as creating backlinks, blogging, writing articles, optimizing your website and all those things that the newbie did not imagine. Remember the newbie had a dream and it probably looked more like someone on a beach with a drink somewhere near as well as their laptop.

Seriously though, it is truly important to find a good mentor and one can do that pretty easily if you know a program you would like to more about. Check out most business forums and they will have threads on that program where you can read who posts, what they say and the general attitude of the individuals. Read everything you can and start to ask questions. Look at the kind of responses you get and who gives a thoughtful response and who does not respond at all.

If you do see one or two individuals who seem to be the type of person you would like to be your mentor, you can send them a private message (PM) and ask them a few questions. See how responsive they are and if they are willing to help. Technically, you are really interviewing them and you can choose the kind of person you want for the job. Hey, the shoe is on the other foot now!

Make sure when dropping that money down and prepping for your dream, you take all this into account. Your success might not be guaranteed, but your chances of success will be much, much greater.

Social Links

Back in my last post here that I entitled Link to Your Success, I talked about some extra ways of obtaining good, strong keyword anchored backlinks for your sites. Well in this instalment, I’m going to follow that on with another useful way of obtaining links directly for your blogs as well as helping their SERPs ranking at the same time.

Most bloggers have heard of Digg, or the many clones that are available to submit your posts to in order to boost traffic. Such sites that emulate Digg are driven by software that comes from and are known as “pligg” sites. I’ll tell you a little more about pligg in a moment. But how many bloggers know that by submitting posts to some of the lesser well known social bookmarking sites can actually benefit your blog more?

Some, like Blogging Zoom are getting big and more popular, but are still very useful for building links and boosting SERPs authority for individual blog posts. They do that by publishing your submitted posts on their main page after your post gets a certain number of votes from other members of the site. With Blogging Zoom that number is currently 15. So if you join a site like that, it pays to make friends!

But that idea can be followed on to the next level by the smart Internet Marketer. How?

Build your own social pligg site!

Yes, if you have your own web host, then you can build your own pligg site, publicize it and attract new members to build the site from the ground up. provide the software free of charge, so its just a case of downloading it, creating a new MySQL database in your cPanel, following their instructions and uploading the files to your server. You can also download a free template if you don’t like the original and with some cosmetic tweaking, you can have your very own, Google friendly social site up and running within a few hours.

The benefits of running your own pligg site are obvious – you can submit all your own posts to it and build up lots of links to your blogs as well as boost their SERPs rankings. In the early stages, you can set the number of votes to 5 to get your posts onto the front page fast, so their links carry with them any Page Rank your new site has.

A timely tip is to buy an expired domain that already comes with some Page Rank and established links to ensure it keeps it. You, of course can promote your new pligg site and get it more backlinks to further establish its authority quickly.

As you may have guessed by now, I have done exactly what I have been telling you about, so that the information is coming straight from the horse’s mouth! Yep, I built my own pligg site called TheFB and you can easily register for free and then submit blog posts to it directly from the site.

TheFB is a PR2 site at present, which I am building links for to improve its ranking over time. So feel free to sign up and make use of this valuable link building resource and get in on the ground floor. It takes only 5 votes to get your post to the front page at TheFB, so what have you got to lose?

And much to gain!

Keep On Writing Those Articles

I’ve been told the importance of article marketing for targeted traffic and have seen results. It never ceases to amaze me though. I check my blog stats daily to see where my traffic is coming from and I almost always see stats from an ezine where I am published. Some of the articles are close to a year old (when I first started in this business) but I will admit that most are from my more recent articles.

Why would that be, you may ask. Its because practice makes perfect..that’s why. I never thought I was much of a writer though it was not difficult for me. Come on, I’m a math teacher. My articles became better, maybe a little more interesting and gave some information that was useful to people. Who knew?

Keep writing and reading articles to see what others are doing. Don’t think that because it has been written about before that you can’t give a different twist. I struggled with that for a long time because I honestly thought that I didn’t really have anything special to say. That is not true…ever!

Article marketing is not just about writing for your niche. Write about anything and everything. Its your presence (and resource box) that will brand you. Don’t lose sight of that concept. You would be surprised about how many people are actively seeking information that you are able to give.

Remember, there will always be someone out there who is just starting out in this business and wants to absorb everything, try anything and do what it takes to be successful.

I’m one of them.